Garage Door Tune Up

A tune up on your garage door and garage door opener can be the difference between routine maintenance and a possible costly repair. Call us today to book your appointment for one of our seasonal tune ups.

Your specialized garage door and garage door opener tune up will include:

  • Adjusting your torsion or extension springs
  • Lubricating your springs, bearings, and rollers
  • Adjusting and tightening the garage door tracks
  • Tightening all the nuts and bolts on your garage door
  • Adjusting the force settings and travel limits on your garage door opener

All of our tune ups come standard with a 30 day labor warranty as well as our technicians professional recommendations regarding possible damaged or worn parts that may need to be replaced for continued safe operation for you and your family. Call us (210) 845-9360 or contact us via our web form to make an appointment today.