High Lift Conversions

Increase your usable garage space

We have seen an increasing number of homeowners who are interested in doing high lift conversions to their garage doors. Our expert technical staff can help you achieve this. Every application and customer need is different, and we've gained invaluable knowledge on how to best help each client.

We offer several High Lift Conversion Packages, including some that can add from 6 inches to 10 feet of high lift (and more in some cases). We will measure, custom cut, and install the hardware needed to make this a seamless conversion. We can also provide you with a Direct Drive Jackshaft garage door opener to operate your new high lift converted garage door.

Our custom high lift packages include:

  • Full installation
  • New torsion spring or springs
  • High-lift angle and bracket pairs
  • 1 Pair of custom-cut cables
  • 1 Pair of high-lift cable drums
  • All the necessary fasteners

Call us or fill out our contact form for an estimate tailored to your specific application.